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An Anatomy of a Penis

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The penis is as complex as any other part of the human body, despite a deceivingly simple appearance. Moreover, since the two functions of the penis are well-known to men and women alike, there is a tendency to think that everybody knows everything worth knowing about it. However, there are always a few questions left unanswered or some obscure bit of information that nobody bothers to remember and which may become interesting in a certain context. So here’s a general description of the penis whose aim is to provide a comprehensive presentation of this organ.

antomi-zakarBasically, the human penis is made up of two parts: the shaft and the glans (also known as the head). The shaft is not a muscle as some have suggested. It is made of three columns of tissue, one of which continues forward to form the glans. The three columns are called Corpus Spongiosus, which forms the underside of the penis and the glans, and Corpora Cavernosa, which are two sections of tissue located next to each other on the upper side of the penis.

The shaft is covered in skin, while the glans supports the loosely attached fold of skin known as the foreskin. The foreskin is attached to the underside of the penis, in an area called the frenum. And, lastly, the penis is traversed from one end to the other by the urethra. This canal serves as a passage for both urine, produced in the bladder, and the sperm, produced in the testicles.

Erection is achieved by filling the two Corpora Cavernosa with blood. Unlike some other mammals, humans have no erectile bone and have to rely instead on engorgement with blood to reach erection. When the erection is triggered by sexual stimulation, the arteries that bring blood to the penis dilate in order to increase blood flow. The sponge-like Corpora Cavernosa fills up with blood, which makes the penis stiff. The stiffer tissues constrict the veins that carry blood away from the penis in order to maintain the erection.

Every male baby is born with a full set of reproductive organs. However, these organs are not fully developed and remain so until the boy enters puberty.

At puberty, usually between the ages of 10 and 14, the pituitary gland starts secreting hormones that induce the testicles to produce testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that controls all the physical and many of the psychological traits that define man.

Its presence ensures the development of bigger bones and higher muscle mass in men. It is also responsible for the increase in penis and testicles size, the apparition of pubic hair and the deeper tone of the male voice.

The penis stops growing at the end of puberty, which comes around the age of 18. However, there are many environment factors that may delay or accelerate the onset or the end of puberty. This means that some men may experience penis growth beyond the age of 18.

A common urban myth that almost anyone has heard of is the idea that penis size is linked to the size of another body part. The most common versions of this myth focus on the size of hands, feet, nose or overall height to determine the size of the penis.

Actually, there is no such link. Although the development of the penis in the embryo is controlled by the same genes as the limbs, penis growth at puberty is entirely governed by testosterone and has nothing to do with the other parts of the body.

Some men are born with big penises. This is an undisputed fact of life whose causes are still a mystery to science. As stated above, there is no correlation between penis and body size. Studies conducted on bats have shown that the sexual organs and the brain require large quantities of energy to develop.

At some point, the developing embryo decides whether it wants a bigger brain or a bigger set of sexual organs. However, science is still at a loss to understand how the decision is made and why.

And, lastly, a word on penis exercises. The exercises that PenisHealth promotes are designed to force the columns of tissue to expand in both length and girth.

This is done by exerting pressure on the shaft and helping the cells that make up the tissues to multiply. Obviously, the aim of these exercises is to make the Corpora Cavernosa hold more blood in order to increase the size of the erect penis.

Contrary to what many skeptics think, the careful and sustained exercising of the penis is a safe and effective way of increasing length and girth.

Having A Micropenis: Small Is Terrible

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We have been brought up in a society that believes the bigger stick you carry, the more power you have. The same goes with men and their penises. With erotic art displaying images of exaggerated manhood to symbolize sexual power and vigor, men think that having a big penis is a status symbol for sexiness and machismo.

However there is such a condition called micropenis whose effects pertain to the size of the penis, which eventually disrupts men’s sexual appetite, and indirectly affect men’s sexual health.

Micropenis is a medical terminology used to describe an unusually small penis. Approximately 0.5% of the male population in the whole world suffer from this condition and feel shameful about it. The penile length of a micropenis in adults is roughly three and a half inches, or less. It may differ from the standard penis size by two and a half inches.

Determining whether you have a micropenis can be done yourself by carefully measuring the size of your penis, or through a physical checkup with your trusted doctor. In the case of children, diagnosis is done a little time after birth. Children diagnosed with micropenises are referred to a pediatric urologist, or a pediatric endocrinologist.

What causes a micropenis?

Micropenis is caused by a hormonal problem which takes place around after fourteen weeks of gestation when the penis has already formed itself. Micropenis may be a standalone concern, or may often appear in combination with other hormonal disorders. These are disorders which may cause an abnormality in the level of hormones needed to develop a normal sexual organ.

Can I still have sex if I have a micropenis?

Yes it is still possible to have sex with a micropenis. Though it may be a big concern for adult men who have been diagnosed with a micropenis, it is important to keep in mind that one doesn’t have to have a big penis in order to pleasure his partner. Having a micropenis should not stand in the way of men’s sexual appetite.

But in terms of the sexual functioning and response of the micropenis itself, results vary from person to person. Some research reported that having a micropenis didn’t change nor affect men’s sexual health for those who are afflicted with the condition, yet some report that having a micropenis caused disatisfying sexual intercourse.

Is there treatment available for micropenis?
A lot of men are to ashamed to come forward and see a doctor for concerns such as micropenis. But the good news is, there are treatments available for it.

Hormone treatment is administered during childhood and puberty to trigger normal growth of the penis. With this treatment, testosterone and certain growth hormones are used to resume growth of the micropenis.

In extreme cases of micropenis, wherein there is barely any penile shaft, and the glans appears to sit almost on the pubic skin, surgery is suggested. A surgical procedure called phalloplasty is performed for penile enlargement, although these surgeries tend to have a low satisfaction rating.

This is why surgery is not recommended for patients who want it specifically because of lack of sexual satisfaction.

Sex is not all about the size of a man’s penis, it’s how he manipulates a woman’s body enough to get her to enjoy the experience. After all, sex is not all about the physical pleasure.

Kurang Yakin Berkahwin Sebab Zakar Kurang Normal

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Saya mengalami masalah agak serius dan menyebabkan saya kurang berkeyakinan untuk berkahwin. Masalahnya berkenaan buah zakar saya.

Sebelum saya bersunat ketika berumur 10 tahun, saiz buah zakar saya normal. Tetapi selepas bersunat buah zakar sebelah kiri seakan-akan pecah kerana tiada bentuk dan kadang kala ia kelihatan normal.
Seingat saya, kali pertama ia terjadi selepas saya bersunat dan saya menganggap ia terjadi disebabkan ubat bius yang dicucuk di buah zakar sebelum bersunat. Soalan saya ialah, adakah saya akan mengalami masalah mendapatkan zuriat dan adakah saya akan mengalaminya seumur hidup?



Lelaki mempunyai sepasang buah zakar dalam kerandut buah zakar. Jarang lelaki yang mempunyai satu buah zakar sahaja dan paling jarang, tiada buah zakar dalam kerandut.

Terdapat juga lelaki yang mendapati beberapa ketulan semacam buah zakar dalam kerandut yang membuatnya berfikir yang dia mungkin mempunyai lebih daripada dua buah zakar.

Lelaki yang peka mengenai bentuk dan saiz buah zakar tidak was-was mengenainya kecuali bentuk dan saiznya luar biasa. Jika saiz dan bentuk buah zakar sebesar ibu jari kaki, sekurang-kurangnya 2/3, maka buah zakar itu dianggarkan normal, kecuali lelaki itu was-was dan perlu mendapat rujukan doktor.

Pendek kata, apa-apa masalah berkaitan dengan kedudukan buah zakar, saiz dan bentuk keadaan buah zakar, kesemuanya perlu dirujuk kepada doktor.

Jangan pula jumpa bomoh. Nanti lain pula ceritanya. Perkara yang saya amat khuatir ialah apabila buah zakar itu radang atau bengkak, ia diurut atau dituam dengan air panas dan sudah tentu akan merosakkan buah zakar itu.

Keradangan buah zakar perlu di tuam dengan pek ais dan segera dirujuk kepada doktor. Anda membuat keputusan tidak mahu berkahwin kerana khuatir anda mungkin mandul kerana kedua-dua buah zakar anda tidak tak normal. Anda sepatutnya rujuk kepada doktor yang pakar dalam bidang kesihatan lelaki atau yang tahu mengendalikan masalah lelaki untuk menjalani pemeriksaan dan kepastian tentang keadaan buah zakar anda.

Anda boleh berjumpa mana-mana doktor keluarga dan jika doktor itu tidak dapat sahkan kedudukan kesuburan anda, anda minta dirujukkan kepada pakar. Anda bukan seorang yang bersikap begini. Ramai lelaki menyangka bukan-bukan mengenai keadaan sifat dan kemampuan kelelakiannya termasuk keadaan buah zakar mereka malu untuk berjumpa doktor.

Mereka malu untuk menjalani pemeriksaan. Ini tindakan yang salah. Tanpa kepastian doktor atau pakar yang berkenaan, tidak betul untuk lelaki itu mengambil keputusan yang menghancurkan masa depannya. Anda mendapati anggota kelamin anda, iaitu buah zakar anda tidak normal dan ini mengikut tinjauan anda. Anda juga menyangka yang bukan-bukan, kononnya perkara itu akibat suntikan yang diberi doktor ketika doktor melakukan prosedur berkhatan untuk anda.

Seharusnya anda perlu rujuk kepada doktor untuk kepastian. Jadi jangan berlengah daripada berjumpa doktor untuk pengesahan. Jika perlu anda harus jumpa doktor pakar dan sekiranya ada sesuatu yang ganjil, sudah tentu doktor pakar akan syorkan rawatan sewajarnya.

Risau Kurang Air Mani

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Saya berumur 24 tahun dan berkahwin sebulan lalu. Suami yang berusia 35 tahun mengalami masalah kekurangan air mani.

Mungkinkah ia menyebabkan saya tidak akan hamil? Kitaran haid saya normal setiap bulan.
Suami juga mengalami sakit kaki, terutama ketika cuaca sejuk. Adakah ia mempengaruhi air mani suami dan adakah cara untuk mengubati penyakitnya?


Kuching, Sarawak

Anda menyatakan air mani suami kurang. Adakah perkara ini disahkan doktor atau hanya tekaan anda? Untuk makluman anda, air mani keluar ketika lelaki mencapai klimaks atau mencapai ejakulasi. Jika air mani dikumpul dalam bekas dan isi padunya lebih 2ml, itu dikira normal.

Jika air mani dikeluarkan beberapa kali sehari, pada permulaannya isi padunya biasa, tapi kali kedua ia mula kurang dan kali ketiga, ia menjadi sangat kurang atau keluar setitik. Sama juga jika hubungan seksual dilakukan setiap hari. Pada hari seterusnya, isi padu air mani akan berkurangan.

Air mani keluar dengan banyak apabila lelaki sangat teruja. Jika perasaan teruja kurang, pengeluarannya juga kurang.

Jika kita kaitkan air mani dengan kesuburan lelaki, paling mustahak ialah isi kandungan air mani, iaitu sama ada dalam air mani itu ada sperma atau sebaliknya.

Jika ada sperma, sama ada bilangan cukup, aktif dan berbentuk normal. Untuk mengetahui semua semua itu, suami perlu menjalani ujian air mani di makmal.

Mengenai sakit tumit ketika cuaca sejuk, suami perlu jumpa doktor untuk menjalani pemeriksaan tapak kakinya.

Daripada pemeriksaan itu, doktor boleh tahu jika struktur tumit dan tapak kakinya normal. Masalah ini tiada kaitan dengan masalah kurang air mani.

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