Penis Rules

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Do not urinate in the water. For example, while bathing in the river, pool or any place of such.
Do not immediately wash or apply water to your penis after having sex or masturbating. Give it half an hour to achieve good effect.
Do not have sex in an air-conditioned room.
Do not use soap for masturbating or any kind of chemical materials, drugs or anything which contains alcohol or drugs.
Do not drink over and over while eating. Drink only half an hour after eating.
Do not use any kind ofanasthetic drugs or ointment.
Not encouraged to let your penis be sucked by your partner as it can cause your prostate vein tract to become less functional. Prostate is actually to warm up the body and smoothen blood circulation. (If this rule in 7 is not followed, your blood will be cold)
Not encouraged to take ‘cold’ food. Always take ‘hot’ and fresh food.
Always urinate at hard places like rock, cement, or anything of such.
After having sex or masturbating, make sure to massage back from the base to the head of your penis 2-3 times.
Apply this oil for at least 40 days and apply it daily.
Make sure you are not a diabetic. If you are, medication is NECESSARY. Be sure to go through its medication.
If you are a diabetic, be sure not to get the service of masseurs for male disease as it can sever your penis’ veins.
Make sure you reapply ‘Minyak Lintah Tapa’ after bath-so that your penis will always be covered with the oil during the period of 40 days.

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